Speakers Merijn Everaarts
Merijn Everaarts

Founder  |  Dopper

The inspiration to become a social entrepreneur and start the company Dopper was initiated by the beach. In October 2009, after watching a documentary about ‘plastic soup’ Merijn Everaarts realized that we are living in a world with a very big challenge to overcome; to search for a solution for plastic waste and a better plastic lifestyle. The realization after watching the documentary was shocking, as was learning how toxic single-use plastic is. Something had to change, not tomorrow, but today.

From that moment it began to frustrate Merijn – seeing so many P.E.T bottles and plastic bags around. The volume of P.E.T bottles was the most annoying and he started asking people why they used them. In the beginning, he thought it was because they wanted mineral water, but everybody proudly noted that they are reusing that bottle daily. It was not about the mineral water, but the bottle, so if people want a bottle, they can get a nice and sustainable one! The concept for the Dopper was founded.

The initial idea was to sell 200.000 bottles in total. That goal was already achieved within one year. And now Dopper is empowering people to choose reusable over single-use water bottles, to protect our world’s waters. Fighting plastic pollution, one single-use water bottle at a time. 

Photo Credit: Jordy Sloots