Delivering the Good Life

Sustainable Brands Istanbul

September 16-17, 2020

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

We are heading towards the future! Are you with us?

For 15+ years, Sustainable Brands has been a collective force of members, community, brands and staff all driven by the mission to recraft our global economy to enable a flourishing future for all.

At Sustainable Brands, we believe purpose is the driving force of a thriving business, and sustainable innovation separates leaders from the pack. Year after year, we bring together our global community of change agents to share the latest developments in sustainable business, to collaborate around solutions to difficult obstacles, and to inspire a new generation of business leaders.

In recent years, we have created infrastructures for a new future and a good life. Now, we are moving forward with greater belief and enthusiasm on the way to restore ourselves, our brands, our business, and our planet - for the better.

The events that have taken place since the emergence of COVID -19 emphasize the importance of this task more than ever and all human-oriented efforts for sustainable life offer brands a golden opportunity to revive a better life in this new period.

As the global community of Sustainable Brands, it is our top priority that our members, friends, families, and business partners are safe. However, we would like to inform you that we are committed to working best with all direct and indirect stakeholders in building the regenerative economy necessary for the renewal of our planet, which we will inherit to our children and grandchildren.

We will meet in Istanbul once again and learn together; with the mission of the Sustainable Brands global community, we work together with all stakeholders and solution providers with much greater motivation.

To be ready for this new era where nothing is as it was before, everything will be defined by new normal in the Sustainable Brands Istanbul conference on September 16-17, 2020. Together we can pivot this moment of difficulty into a catalyst for creating a better world. We hope you’ll join us as together we go through this moment to the future we need.


Purpose-led brands attract customers, fulfill employees, and outperform competitors.

At Sustainable Brands, we believe purpose is the driving force of a thriving business, and sustainable innovation separates leaders from the pack. Year after year, we bring together our global community of change agents to share the latest developments in sustainable business, to collaborate around solutions to difficult obstacles, and to inspire a new generation of business leaders.

For the past decade, we’ve laid the foundation for a regenerative future. Now, we’re moving forward with even greater conviction to restore ourselves, our brands, our businesses, and our planet.


Reconnect with yourself and your tribe to become more present and self-aware.


Set your intentions and make the pivot towards a regenerative future.


Mix and mingle with your peers to gain new insights and understanding.


Generate new partnerships, ideas, and solutions to maintain momentum.



Discover ground-breaking insights, new research data and innovative tools through plenaries, deep-dive sessions and workshops.



Delivering for a Good Life through the lens of Design Thinking



Gain a fresh perspective from global thought-leaders for a collective conversation.



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